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Want to buy or sell gold?

Come to l’Or Antic, professionalism, cash payment, discretion.


How can we help you…

Free appraisement

We appraise any type of jewelry, no matter the condition, old jewelry, coins (whether collectible or numismatic)and silver pieces , antiques (furniture, carvings , artwork ) watches ( Rolex , Cartier, Vacheron, Philips Patek , Audemars , etc. )



To evaluate the parts first perform a simple test, which does not damage the piece that is totally reliable to see the quality of the gold. Then comes despite the piece, for which we have scales calibrated, certified and verified by the official body, which are always in view so you can check the customer’s actual weight.


The price of gold or silver is based on the Stock Quote (Stock Market) which is updated daily. We pay the maximum amount, in cash, at the time of purchase.


Maximum discretion

Confidentiality and discretion are fully guaranteed in all our transactions (according to the Data Protection Act)

A l’Or Antic…

We buy: gold, jewelery, watches, ingots, coins, antiques etc. pay the maximum contribution in cash, on the day of purchase always with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.




Whether chains, earrings, watches and other items, prisons and buy at the best price those gems that you no longer need..



An ingot is a refined metallic gold block no matter what form it takes ( a coin, a bar) produced by a manufacturer that respects manufacturing standards and labeling.



Appraisement, buying and selling coins and precious metals, always offering the highest price.



We deal with quality art and antique furniture , offering the best solution for those wishing to sell as wal as for those seeking an elegant item.

A l’Or Antic…

The price of gold and silver according to the stock exchange (stock market) which is updated daily. We pay the maximum contribution in cash on the day of purchase.

L’Or Antic

We are the most experienced company in the field of gold sale in Figueres. It was in 1980 when we opened the store, and after more than 40 years of solid experience , we serve our customers with the same seriousness, discretion and transparency as always. From our shop in C / Lasauca , 10 Figueres, we offer our customers clear and personalized advice, making the appraisement free of charge and without any obligation . Besides gold (ingots, coins, and any type of jewelry), also appraisement of pieces of silver , antiques (furniture, carvings , artwork), watches (Rolex, Cartier, Vacheron, Patek Philips, Audemars , etc)

Contact us

If you have any doubt or question that has not been clear on our website, please contact us using the contact form, or you can telephone us.

Adress: Carrer Lasauca, 10 17600 Figueres (Girona)
Telephone: 609 338 206 | 972 674 048